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This initial application is free.

If you are short-listed for a place on the Challenge, You will be notified, and at that time you willl be asked to pay a Challenge Joining fee. If after short-listing, you are not selected for the leg of your first choice, your Joining fee will be refunded in full or, if you wish and another leg is available, you may transfer to a different leg

If you would like to be considered for a place in the Challenge, please fill in the form below.

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Two Sailing References
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Expedition Legs only- If you are not requesting a place on an Expedition Leg, go on to "Medical issues / Diet section"

The Expedition Legs will be challenging both physically and mentally, so they require practical experience in difficult or dangerous terrain. If you are applying to take part in an Expedition Leg, to help us short-list you, please answer these questions. Before you are short-listed you will be asked to take an aptitude assessment and a medical.

Why do you want to take part in the Expedition Leg(s) you have requested?

What is your experience in difficult or dangerous terrain and what you would bring to this Expedition?

Medical Issues / Diet

You will be asked to obtain a medical certificate

Relevant medical issues:


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Emergency Contact
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Very rough seas:

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Payment options

If you are short-listed for a Challenge leg, you will be asked for £350 Joining fee. As a British-registered non-profit organisation, The Ocean Sailing Club charges membership and product prices in UK pounds. Please read the following and choose your preferred payment method. We will then provide the relevant Bank Account details.
1. Outside UK: Make an international transfer of £350 yourself. This will probably incur bank 'Swift' transfer fees and currency conversion commission. We will provide IBAN number etc if you choose this option

2. In Australia: A member of the Yacht Management Committee here in Australia can receive your payment and make the international transfer to the Club's UK account & the Club picks up the fees.
The Club uses the current rate advised by their bank at the time of transfer.

3. In UK: Make an internet transfer to the Club's UK account.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting this form you confirm that all information supplied by you is true and you agree to the following conditions:

1. The Club in the following context means The Ocean Sailing Club.
2. The Yacht means the vessel supplied by the Club.
3. The Challenge means the Club's 'Ends of the Earth Challenge', including, on any leg, time on board the boat, ashore or in or on the water while a crew member of the yacht.

4. To secure your place on a leg or legs of The Challenge, requires
- A non-refundable Challenge Joining fee of £350.
- The first half of your total contributions for all legs to be received by the Club within 30 days of your application being accepted.
- All outstanding balances to be received within 4 months of your application being accepted (or 3 months before the departure date of your FIRST leg, whichever is earlier).
5. To make the Challenge run smoothly, we rely on participants to be on time with everything. That includes paying the required sums by the required dates. If you miss any of these payment deadlines you will lose your place and any money paid. If the Club is subsequently able to fill your place on the Challenge, then some or all of your contributions may be returned to you at the Club's discretion.
6. At the skipper's discretion, crew will usually be able to remain on board the Yacht for a few days after the arrival date and/or prior to the next departure date. Where you take advantage of this, you must pay, in cash at the time, your share of all costs for food, moorings etc. as calculated by the Skipper.

7. You must be at least 18 years old on any leg designated as 'Cruise' or 'Expedition' on the day of departure. On legs designated 'Relaxed Sailing', minors (Club members under the age of 18) may participate on the understanding that a parent or designated carer takes absolute responsibility for the conduct and safety of the minor.

Schedule of sailing:
8. The Club has no control over some aspects of the voyage. These include but are not limited to weather, breakages and gear failure caused by weather and other conditions, immigration and other formalities.
9. The Club will not be responsible for delays in arrival or departure of the Yacht on any leg. The Club will do its best to publish any changes to the proposed schedule. You are advised to bear this in mind when booking flights to or from the yacht.

Insurance, Health and Visas:
10. Ocean Sailing can be dangerous and medical assistance on board will be limited. You take part at your own risk and are advised that you must make your own arrangements for travel insurance.
11. Depending on your nationality, you may be able to enter countries of destination without getting a visa in advance. The Club will help you with that information. Where you are required to have a visa before arrival, you are responsible for having the appropriate visa. The Skipper will have to refuse you permission to board the Yacht if he is not satisfied you have the right visas.
12. You must be satisfied that there is nothing in your medical condition which could mean that your health puts you in danger while taking part. The Club does not accept any liability if you are injured on board the Yacht or on land or in the sea, unless it is as a direct result of the negligence of the Club.
13. The Club advises you to have a medical check-up before joining the Yacht and to abide by any advice that might be given as a result of such check-up.

14. The Club reserves the right to use any photographs or videos taken during the Challenge.

The Skipper:
15. The Skipper has the Club's authority to make all day-to-day decisions regarding the managing, routing, scheduling, manning and victualling of the yacht.
16.The Skipper has the Club's authority to make all day-to-day decisions regarding the immigration, safety and well-being of the crew.
17. The Skipper has the Club's authority to remove any crew member from any leg for any of the above reasons. If this happens, that Crew member, not the Club, shall be responsible for his or her own costs from that time.
18. The Club indemnifies the Skipper against any liability arising during the Challenge, however that may arise.