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Welcome to the Ocean Sailing Club Library

The purpose of this library is to collate the masses of sailing, and related, information out there on the web into one catalogue so you can find the most relevant, up-to-date information, quickly and efficiently.

Being a catalogue of existing sources, The Ocean Sailing Club Library primarily contains links to other websites. These are checked to establish the completeness, accuracy and relevance of their content.

The reasons we use links rather than posting paraphrased original sources are three-fold

  • to avoid pointless duplication on the world wide web
  • to respect the copyright of the original material
  • most importantly, so information doesn't get 'set in stone'. When an external website is updated, you get to see the most recent version.


If you know of a website that would add to, or maybe improve on, the links we've found, please email us with those links for inclusion into this library.

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